About Virtual Greats

Virtual Greats is the world’s leading virtual goods sales and distribution system, connecting celebrities, artists, content creators, IP holders, and luxury brands with a new generation of fans through the online trade of likenesses, fashion, catchphrases, and other virtual representations of real-world talent.

Our three product lines of Artists/Celebrity, IP Holders, and luxury brands, create virtual world extensions of the names and brands we love in real life. By licensing well known movie stars and characters, singers, sports leagues, and consumer brands, Virtual Greats opens a new sales channel previously unavailable before. It’s our goal to bring the clothes, accessories, and likeness of our partners to the virtual world and social network user base, while generating a new and scalable revenue stream.

Virtual Greats is based in Los Angeles.

Executive Team

Dan Jansen

Founder & CEO

Megan Bycel

VP Product Management

Jeanne Mariani

Director of Finance & Administration